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A hunger for knowledge and a determination to turn information into action has contributed to the inspiration behind the creation of Basic Wine

I’m an enthusiast

First things first: I love wine.



For me, wine is a combination of art and science, two of my favourite things. And just like admiring art, you must have an open mind when tasting wine and read the wine for what it is, whether it suits your preference or not. Admire the winemaker’s intent and appreciate the sensation.

Behind the wine front is science. If used thoughtfully and intelligently, the science will lead the way to create a masterpiece.



I’m a scientist

Fueled by the passion for understanding wine, I completed my PhD in Agriculture in 2014 at Stellenbosch University, specializing in Oenology (Wine Science). It was during this time that I discovered I had a knack for transferring knowledge and teaching anybody wanting to know more about wine. I consider myself the “forever student”, eager to both build on my academic foundations and stay in tune with the latest developments in wine science, all the while working closely with producers to ensure that the knowledge can be transformed into action. Curiosity is the path towards creating unique and quality wines and taking on projects to drive this process is right down my ally.

Click here for a summary of my research.



I’m a teacher

Hosting many informal and themed tastings for family and friends around our dining room table exposed the joy of a consumer having learned something new about wine. More and more requests to host such educational, unpretentious and fun events has contributed to Basic Wine entering this field professionally. Showcasing interesting wines, explaining the production process and bragging with the best that South Africa has to offer is what I’m all about.

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